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Hi, I’m Jamie Csizmadia.


And I’m super-stinkin’-excited to be officially launching my Intuitive Reading business online today!


Whether you’ve known me since I was a kid, or are just now stumbling onto my website for the first time, I’m thrilled to connect with you here.


With the highest beneficence my heart can muster, I intend for my website and this lovely blog, Universal Citizen, to be a place that inspires expansive personal growth and a collective discovery of what it means to be “at home in the cosmos” at this time on our planet.


But before I jump into the juicy details of what you can expect to see more of on this blog, I’d like to introduce myself and share how I arrived at this moment.


Jamie Csizmadia

Me at age 8, Mustang, Oklahoma




I grew up in Mustang, Oklahoma, playing in the prairie fields with my older brother and the neighborhood gang.


These formative experiences spent befriending horned lizards, digging in the red dirt, and hiding-and-seeking in tall native grasses were further embedded by my matrilineage, who bestowed within me a passion for plants.


Influenced by this upbringing and infused with an adoration of the natural world, I went off to college to study landscape architecture.


My personal relationships, adventures, and career in this profession have taken me all over the country, from Portland, Oregon, to Savannah, Georgia. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and engaging with beautiful landscapes, plants, waterways, wildlife, and people who have changed me in countless ways.


It was not until 2010 that I understood or had conscious access to my intuitive gifts and abilities. Truth be told, my personal life was in a shambles, and I had begun diligently working on a 12-step recovery program, hoping to heal, rediscover myself, and make different choices in my life.


Within weeks of developing my own personal prayer practice, I was experiencing a spiritual awakening and I began “seeing” my Spirit Team guides and communicating with them directly.


Fast forward, and to my absolute delight, my personal intuitive gifts and abilities have expanded exponentially (as yours are/will too!… more on that later).


Since 2010, I’ve had the honor of training one-on-one with intuitive pioneers, learning directly from consciousness leaders, and practicing with quantum field visionaries.


But more importantly, I continue to do my inner work and hone my intuitive skills to create my own unique set of service offerings.


Four Canyon Preserve, Ellis County, Oklahoma

Me at Four Canyon Preserve, Ellis County, Oklahoma




In addition to being a Landscape Architect, a prairie-hugger, a Divine spark, a savvy sister, a wily wife, a pollinator-protector, a home-dweller, an avid adventurer…


I’m an Intuitive & Medium.


And I choose these words with much deliberation and consideration.  In my experience, these two words come closest to describing the indescribable; the “art form” I engage when bridging the vibrational difference between densities.


In other words, I utilize my non-local mind and expanded consciousness to see beyond the visible, physical world and into the subtle energies that surround us at all times.


Offered up with kindness, compassion, and humor, my Intuitive Readings draw upon my inherent connections with nature and are gently guided by subtle-yet-powerful energies that have your best interests at heart.


In my Intuitive Readings, I connect with your Higher Self and the non-physical soul-spirits and multi-dimensional beneficent entities who are assisting you with your life’s journey.


I see and receive messages from your “Spirit Team”, including angels, guides, soulmates, deceased loved ones, cosmic friends, higher selves, power animals, and plant allies.


I act as a clear channel, interpreter, and translator for inspired guidance that is useful, practical, and life transformative.


When contacting and connecting with these subtle energies, I ask only for messages from the highest entities of love and light, for the highest good, healing, and purpose of my clients – and that’s what you get!




I am not a psychic fortune teller.


I do not use my intuitive gifts to read your future. Instead, I ask your Spirit Team to provide relevant guidance for the present, thus directing you towards your most expansive growth opportunities in the NOW.


Each of us is a co-creator on this planet, emanating multiple future trajectories at any given moment. You have the beautiful gift of free will to make choices and change courses. I simply share with you how to do so in a way that aligns with your highest purpose.


I am not a spiritual guru.


What I share with you in an Intuitive Reading is not coming from my brain, but instead from a beneficent, multi-dimensional energetic source outside myself.


I am simply a clear channel, a vessel for Spirit to communicate with others. I follow my own personal practice of activating my vibration and expanding my consciousness. I am a curious, truth-seeking gal who practices loving more and judging less.


And like you, I face my own challenges and navigate life’s cycles on a daily basis.


Urban mural, Tulum, Mexico

Urban mural in Tulum, Mexico




In future posts, I’ll be sharing my firsthand experience on various topics like how to connect with your passed loved ones, what it means to be a Starseed, your role in Disclosure, and how to envision most beneficent outcomes for the collective consciousness.


I’ll be taking your questions, heeding your input, and connecting with multi-dimensional entities to develop content that’s current, relevant, and responsive to your deepest desires to know.


So buckle up, Buttercups!


We’re all on this ride together, aboard a planet that’s spinning at the rate of 1000 miles/hour, orbiting our local sun at 67,000 miles/hour, powering a solar system that’s orbiting our Milky Way galaxy at 45,000 miles/hour, which is speeding through cosmos at 1.34 million miles/hour!


We are literally space travelers.  Every single one of us.


So join me here, and together we’ll create a platform for expanded personal growth, as we collectively discover what it means to be “at home in the cosmos” at this time on our planet.


And if you’re as excited about my website launch (and the good-good vibes that it will send out) as I am, I’d love your support.


You might…


• Let friends and family know about my services by sharing this post.


• Visit my Facebook page this week and share my launch post with others.  By doing so, you’ll be entered to win a free 60-minute Intuitive Reading with yours truly.


• Schedule a Reading and receive inspired guidance, creative ideas, and focused direction for the best alignment with your unique soul purpose!


It is my pleasure to be sharing this incredible time on Earth with you, and I look forward to connecting with you here!


Much love & light,


Jamie C.


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Jamie Csizmadia
  • I am so excited for you!!!! I enjoyed reading that. I will be watching this blog.

    March 8, 2016 at 10:49 am
  • Lilly

    I’ve got my eye on you…. Very proud 😉

    March 8, 2016 at 3:34 pm