“My reading with you was FANTASTIC! I was “stuck” in my current mindset about a few things relating to career choices and about where I was in my personal life. I was hoping for some type of validation or guidance as to next steps – and boy did you deliver!  My session just gave me the little push I needed to make my next move career-wise. I also enjoyed that I actually got to see you via Skype.  Your attention to detail was amazing! I most enjoyed seeing you, my old friend, in your element, using your gifts, and relaying the message.  I absolutely recommend you for Intuitive Readings and I’ve referred you to others.  I hope to do a reading again soon!””

Kelly B. | Baltimore, MD

“I felt completely comfortable with you, Jamie. The atmosphere was relaxed, and it felt like a true dialogue, in that I was free to ask what I wanted and interrupt as needed to gain additional information. The guidance you shared was in line with guidance I’ve received from other sources who work in the energy field, which just reinforced these messages. I walked away from my Intuitive Reading feeling confirmation for the path I’m following regarding my passions and with my kids. I also received new suggestions on how to work with some recurring challenges I face in my life. I loved the easy flow of your session, and could have continued exploring for an extended period of time. Your gifts and insight are greatly appreciated!”

Ashley G. | Oklahoma City, OK

“Jamie, you have always been a source of guidance for me. My Intuitive Reading was eye-opening, thought-provoking, intense, reassuring, and it started me on a path towards self-awareness. You shared insights with me that I am not always able to see myself. Our session provided me a compass, steering me along my true path, and connecting me with my spirit guides. I gained assurance and affirmation that I have gifts, and that I can own them and embrace them. Your ability to form an immediate heart connection is comforting, and you easily come across as someone we have all known before. I definitely recommend your readings to anyone looking to learn more about themselves and their journey in this life – past, present, and future.”

Leigh L. | Nichols Hills, OK

“You are an outstanding workshop facilitator! I’ve attended several of your speaking engagements, events, and workshops. You are clearly an expert in your field..and you expertly convey material and content in an insightful, educational, easy to understand, and visually exciting way. Others can be assured that they will leave your events feeling educated, enlightened, and empowered! Thank you for sharing your light with us.”

Judah S. | Buffalo, NY

“Hi Jamie, just wanted to tell you that the messages and information I received in my Intuitive Reading have changed my life and many of my long-held beliefs about life and afterlife. I have struggled my whole life dealing with the loss of my father, who died in a plane crash in December of 1987. Before my session with you, I was feeling somewhat fearful and maybe a bit skeptical about receiving messages from him. After the session, my fear and skepticism was replaced with a sense of peace and clarity. Thank you for making sure I felt comfortable and relaxed before beginning. I will continue to recommend you to anyone who is seeking answers, guidance, or direction. Your abilities are amazing and the messages you share are life changing.”

Denise L. | Oklahoma City, OK

“The concept of viewing beyond what is in front of you is fascinating. Jamie, you are naturally skilled in presenting challenging subjects, and your Remote Viewing workshop was no exception. The group was introduced to the practice of remote viewing and given an overview of various RV groups and their different techniques. We participated in multiple exercises, we intuited and recorded what we saw, and then shared within the group. I learned that remote viewing is a skill that I may improve with practice. Your workshop was well-organized and fun to participate in! Jamie, you are a wonderful mentor and facilitator who encourages others to collaborate, learn, and grow.”

Hillary W. | Oklahoma City, OK

“I had been feeling very stuck in my work situation and was thrilled when my spirit guide, an old gypsy woman no less, was able to offer a lot of insight through you. Her words gave me the kick in the pants I needed to pursue new career goals. My session with you reminded me that I have gifts. You also helped me make peace with the death of a friend by connecting with his spirit. I’ve tried to come to terms with that loss for a long time, and what you shared finally resonated with me – I haven’t stressed with the “why” of that anymore. Mostly your Intuitive Reading was just a warm, open, and safe place to be reminded I’m not alone and never have been. Thanks, Jamie!”

Sara P. | Oklahoma City, OK

“My siblings and I came to you for a Group Intuitive Reading shortly after our mother was killed in an automobile-pedestrian accident. We needed closure and we needed to know that she didn’t experience any pain. We were immediately confident that she was there with us with just a few words that came through from her. We were shown that the accident happened so fast that she didn’t know what happened and that her death was inevitable – she knew it was her time, but she just didn’t know how it was going to happen. I had been replaying what little I knew about the accident on a loop in my head for days, and I was not able to let it go until meeting with you. I walked away from our session feeling some peace about her death and knowing that she did not suffer, and frankly you can’t buy that. So thanks for that, Jamie. Looking back, I can absolutely see how my spiritual life has shifted as a result. I feel and see my mother in so many ways and places, and I am so grateful for that. It has made the loss much more bearable. I highly recommend you to friends and family, and look forward to another opportunity to be enlightened and inspired by you soon.”

Kelly R. | Edmond, OK

“I am so very grateful, Jamie, that I’ve crossed paths with you in this life. Your channeled messages from Spirit are spoken with so much clarity, compassion, and positive direction. I feel your energy as soon as I sit with you, and I know I am about to experience honest, unconditional love through your being. I truly feel you are here to guide others with your gifts, through love and friendship, and that is all I could ever ask for in a mentor. You are a glorious soul with a bright light shining from within!”

Britt J. | Edmond, OK

“I learned so much in my Intuitive Reading and am excited to have another one! You gave me much to think about in regards to the paths that I can choose concerning my career. On a more personal note, I was given a lot of comfort and ease about a very precious-to-me deceased soul I had a lot of guilt over. I still think about the images and messages he shared through you, and when I start to have sad feelings about him I remember what I learned that day and feel comforted. In my session, I also received a message about a family member I needed to hear and its meaning is sinking in daily. Frequently I don’t feel as connected as I think I should, but from our session I was reminded that even though I may not see or hear it, there is an energy out there rooting for me and available to me. Thank you again, Jamie, and I am really looking forward to another session.”

Melissa L. | Oklahoma City, OK

“My mom and I called you to our home to help transition my father, who was in his last weeks with a terminal health condition. We were looking for clarity and any clues of unresolved karma, wanting my dad to have every opportunity possible to finish his business in the flesh for an easy passing. We were so deep in our heads with questions, and we were too afraid to feel with our hearts. Your Intuitive Reading quickly helped us move into our hearts, and you replaced our questioning with peace, helping us see how we could move past the old wounds and misunderstanding, into the bigger picture. You were completely in your zone, focused and receiving, revealing invaluable insights for our family. I know this was not an easy situation to walk into, and you excelled!! Thank you, Jamie, for being brave, confident, and true to your gifts! I have very special memories tied to our session and cherish the final recording of Dad’s voice.”

Jesslynn S. | Oklahoma City, OK

“Jamie, your Plant Whispering workshop opened my eyes. You guided all of us to intuitively listen to different species of plants and trees. I was excited to experiment with the process of feeling and sharing plant energies. I found myself asking mental questions of the plants and intuiting their replies. The correlations within the group were surprising! The workshop exceeded my expectations and I would highly recommend it to others. You are an incredible facilitator who is genuinely gifted to guide others in gaining new skills and insights. I look forward to future workshops.”

Hillary W. | Oklahoma City, OK

“You are a gifted and loving interpreter of energies seen and unseen. What sets you apart, Jamie, is the high vibration you hold. You operate with integrity in all areas of your life, you are full of compassion, and this love is what makes you such a clean and clear translator for Intuitive Readings. I have great respect for you because I know that you are doing all the necessary work to be that very kind of messenger. I am also always impressed with the level of preparation and detail that goes into your workshops and events. To me, this reflects intention and also respect for the participants. When I see this detail, I cannot help but realize that YOU REALLY CARED how this information was presented and how it was received. Whether presenting on a rooftop or facilitating in a park, you have a gift for creating a space that welcomes learning and exploration. Your excitement and passion is captivating and most contagious, and I can always count on leaving one of your workshops inspired! You also brought me to a deeper understanding and appreciation of the amazing connection that we humans have to the plant world and to our environment.”

Elle B. | Oklahoma City, OK