Receiving an Intuitive Reading can be a wonderfully healing and empowering experience, and I want you to make the most of it. Whether it’s your first time scheduling an Intuitive Reading or not, I recommend perusing the topics below to determine what resonates most with you at this point in your life. Maybe you want to connect with your deceased aunt, meet your plant ally, and receive career guidance from your Spirit Team. Or maybe you are singly focused on finding your soulmate. Mix and match as it suits your fancy, then click “Schedule a Reading” to make it official.

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My Intuitive Readings are for individuals, partners, or groups. Individual Intuitive Readings are for those of you who want a private personal session focused only on you and your questions. Partner Intuitive Readings are for two people who are seeking to gain understanding of their relationship, recognize patterns of engagement, and share the experience together. Group Intuitive Readings are for three or more people who share a common desire to connect with Spirit in a mutually supportive environment. Partner and Group Intuitive Readings may be utilized by spouses, friends, family members, and colleagues alike. All Intuitive Readings are in-person at my N. Edmond, OK location or via Skype.

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