How I Communicate With Spirit & How You Can Too

HOW I COMMUNICATE WITH SPIRIT & HOW YOU CAN TOO | My Intuitive Reading Process – Part 1

(This blog was originally posted on August 20, 2016 and has been revised and updated to better reflect my present-day process.)   I’m an Intuitive and Medium, which means I act as a clear and open channel for the unseen subtle energies of the Spirit realm to communicate with humans of the earthly world, and vice versa.  Today I’m sharing the step-by-step details of how I communicate with Spirit and your Spirit Team during my online Intuitive Readings to shed brighter light on one aspect of my personal and professional process.   Every single one of us has a Spirit Team.  Your Spirit Team...

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Jamie Csizmadia Five Life Lessons I Learned in Ayahuasca Ceremony


Ayahuasca ceremony is an ancient and miraculous medicine practice within indigenous traditions of curanderismo, which quite literally means “plant spirit healing.”  Ayahuasca ceremony takes place at night in the depths of the jungle, amidst a cacophony of insect and birds sounds, in complete darkness within a large circular hut called a “malloca.”  The ceremony is led with great care and reverence by a time-tested curandero, also known as a plant-doctor or plant spirit healer.  The curandero sings other-worldly songs called “icaros” to protect, open, connect, cleanse, and heal the people and patients who sit attentively-yet-apprehensively on floor mats surrounding the...

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Universal Citizen blog


Hi, I'm Jamie Csizmadia.   And I’m super-stinkin’-excited to be officially launching my Intuitive Reading business online today!   Whether you’ve known me since I was a kid, or are just now stumbling onto my website for the first time, I’m thrilled to connect with you here.   With the highest beneficence my heart can muster, I intend for my website and this lovely blog, Universal Citizen, to be a place that inspires expansive personal growth and a collective discovery of what it means to be “at home in the cosmos” at this time on our planet.   But before I jump into the juicy details of what...

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